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Cut Glass Products Billericay

Our skilled team has the expertise to transform glass of various shapes and sizes into stunning decorative pieces for homes or offices in Billericay. We are able to cut, polish and modify the glass to produce magnificent works of art.

A variety of glass items are available to customers in Billericay, including personalised table tops and balustrades with engraved logos. Our aim is to meet all needs, whether for personal or commercial purposes.

For all your glass cutting and glazing needs, rely on the expertise of the skilled professionals at Brentwood Glass.

Glass Tabletop

Crafted by skilled specialists, cut glass products combine expert craftsmanship and artistic flair. This involves the careful cutting, shaping, and moulding of clear glass into intricate patterns and designs that play with light and reflections in captivating ways.

There is a vast selection of cut glass products available, ranging from traditional to vintage and contemporary designs. This allows customers to find the perfect item that matches their unique style. These stunning pieces catch the eye with their shimmering reflections, making them ideal for adding a touch of elegance to any home or giving as a meaningful gift for special occasions.

We offer a diverse selection of glass cutting and polishing services and products, such as;

  • Glass cut to size and shape
  • Polishing and bevelled edge work
  • Holes, cuts and notches made in glass
  • St Gobain and Pilkington glass
  • Patterned glass and sandblasting
  • Toughened glass
  • Glass table tops and shelves
  • Structural balustrades
  • Replacement glass for frames
  • All types of safety and toughened glass
  • Easy to clean glass splashbacks in all colours
  • Bespoke mirrors made to order in grey, bronze and antique
  • Free delivery service on larger items


We take great pride in our ability to expertly cut, polish, and shape single items or multiple pieces, whether for a new project or a restoration. With extensive expertise and skill, we are able to fulfil custom orders using a wide range of materials available in various shades such as Farrow & Ball, Dulux, BS, and RAL.

Over the past 45 years, our dedication has always been delivering exceptional work with a focus on customer satisfaction. Our team boasts extensive experience and is always ready to offer reliable guidance whenever necessary.

Located in Chelmsford, our workshop offers top-notch installation and repair solutions for PVC, aluminium, and wood doors and windows in Billericay and Essex. Don't hesitate to contact us and schedule a complimentary survey and estimate with our amiable team.